The Boathouse Re-Imagined

Me and Thom White, principal architect at Work Program Architects collaborated on a project re-imagining the now dilapidated music venue "The Boathouse" in Norfolk, Virginia. The project was published in Cannonball City's last issue.

"With the American century coming to a close and the cycle of NEW! becoming as passe as salivating over the top of the GM consumer triangle, the good ol' US is moving into a more stately demeanor of it's European parent. This contemplative position brought on by having more time to think during stretches of unemployment and wondering why we were bit by the globalism animal we set loose on the world has culminated in a generation treating nostalgia as a sacrament. To facilitate this sepia lust for the prosperous Clinton years we've redesigned, with the help of the private funder, the Boathouse as a sanatorium/museum for our most beloved national treasure- 80's and 90's alt/punk rock heroes. We've retro fitted this "remember when" temple for the Gen X and Y crowd as a place where the now decrepit inspirations, to old for the coveted re-reeunion tour, can spend their final days in spa baths and therapeutic massage sessions. The museum portion of this rebuild allows the congregation of fans to observe their heroes through two way glass, allowing for a generous helping of nostalgia, hopefully satisfying that fix and allowing room to contemplate one's own path in our national and local history."

Nostalgia Temple- current state.

Thermal Baths


Aerial view

Side View


Inside the Spiral