“.......” #1
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Dear Friends,

After quite a bit of work and deliberation the inaugural issue of Dots and Quotes is finally out.

Yes, that’s right an art criticism magazine brought into the world from the sensibilities of yours truly and west coast co-conspirator Sam Gould.

First issue includes:
–2002 Whitney Biennial curator Larry Rinder writes about the inspiring curatorial method of Stephanie Cannizzo that “…will never be taught in a curatorial program. Which is too bad.”
–Harrell Fletcher is interviewed by Jim Drain. Questions are asked such as “Why are people are so apathetic?” and “Who are the powerless?” and of course “Have you ever had a mystical experience?”.
–Sheila Heti explains how to run a lecture series based on her experience with her own, though she suggests you don’t.
–Curator and New York personality Adam Kleinman explains why Phil Spector’s “Wall of Sound”, the films of Terrence Malick and Wong Kar-Wai, and Ed Ruscha, produce similar chemical reactions in your brain and could be categorized as “shoegaze” arts.
–Cabela’s is a 400 acre gun/ lazyboy outlet, a themed waterpark, and NASCAR track. Hesse McGraw, expert on all things Midwest, investigates this and other huge things.
–Jon Rubin gives Jose del Pesco a golf lesson, while explaining why he’s making his own art school, amongst other things.
–Highly prolific artist, curator, designer Rich Jacobs discusses his personal trajectory with art and skateboarding.
–Greg Scholette explains the latest roll-out of enterprise culture- art collectives.
–Scott Rigby and Marc Fisher have a talk about BASEKAMP, Philadelphia’s space for collective effort since 1998.

Plus a lot more…

So order an issue, pass on the link, and let us know what you think.


John S. Vitale and Sam Gould