Curriculum Vitae

Solo & Two Person Exhibitions
“Faded by the Sun” WPA Gallery, Norfolk VA
November 2017

“Selected Works” VA MOCA, Virginia Beach VA
October 2012

“One Day at a Time (For the Last Time)” Envoy Enterprises, New York NY
October 2009

“On It” Disjecta Gallery, Portland OR
July 2006

Group Exhibitions
"Untitled 16" Soo Visual Arts Center, Minneapolis MN
February 2020

"AOV 6 (Artist on the Verge 6)" in collaboration w/ Daniel Dean, Soap Factory Minneapolis MN
March 2015

"Are You In, Or Are You Out?" Tuck Under Projects, Minneapolis MN
September 2014

"Next" Peninsula Fine Art Center, Hampton VA
July 2014

"There's Another Way" Brickhaus Gallery, Baltimore MD
January 2013

"No Strings Attached" Open Works Institute, Bucharest Romania
October 2010

“Mineral Park” The Park Gallery, Falkirk Scotland
August 2008

“In the End, the Endless Line” Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn NY
April 2007

“Step Into My Office” Kitchen Sink, Portland OR
April 2007

“More Songs About Buildings and Food” LMCC/AIA, New York NY
August 2006

“Fantasy New York” Hermes Gallery, New York NY
July 2004

“Manifest Artistry” Disjecta Gallery, Portland OR
March 2004

“Dim Sum” 16 Beaver Collection, New York NY
December 2003

Nobile & Amundsen gallery, Founder and Partner, Norfolk VA
established summer of 2013

“Who Are You Gonna Trust, Me or Your Lying Eyes?” a pop up gallery for the VA MOCA, Norfolk VA
September 2012

“Because Cynicism Left Yesterday” Featured artists include Chris Johanson and Barbara Ess
Disjecta Gallery, Portland OR
October 2004

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Parsons School of Design, New York NY